Sunday, June 5, 2016

Farmers Market

Okay, so I never ever drink coffee. No, never. Almost anything to do with coffee is, for me, like stepping out for the first time on to a whole new world. 

Cold coffee? Why, for Pete's sake?! 

Cold coffee with maple syrup? Are you serious?! 

I'm mystified. Still, I couldn't help but be fascinated and there were plenty of folks lining up yesterday at my local farmers market for the stuff. 

How about you? Do you take maple syrup in your cold cuppa caffeine? Or how about some more of that almond milk? Uhm, uhm good! :-)


  1. I agree with you. Coffee is coffee and no attachments please.

  2. I just like my own coffee, black with a little piece of milk.

  3. I read 2 cuppas are healthy. Never manage that amount, though...

  4. Bom trabalho e belas fotografias.
    Um abraço e bom Domingo.

  5. I don't drink coffee- I'm finding putting maple syrup into it would be a waste of maple syrup!


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