Tuesday, July 26, 2016


"Newborn spotted fawns remain hidden and solitary for about three weeks. The doe visits her young only two to three times per day in order to nurse and groom the offspring. When the fawn is strong enough to run with the doe, it will follow its mother and begin to sample foods eaten by the doe. Fawns can live independently of their mother at about two months old." ~ Maryland Department of Natural Resources


  1. Lindo e um belo momento fotográfico.
    Um abraço e boa semana.

  2. I read recently they leave the young ones hidden in the fields indeed and only com back to feed them.

  3. Well I did not know that RR, seems a little risky to leave them so vulnerable! I guess they must know what they're doing 😃

  4. What a lonely babyhood that is, oh, sad. Hope they sleep through it...

  5. I know young fawns have no natural scent, so they're relatively safe from predation while the mother's off, as long as they know to stay quiet.

  6. Once again some lovely images, thanks for sharing

    All the best Jan


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