Sunday, July 3, 2016

Paw Paw

I forget who it was now who wanted me to photograph one of the Paw Paw trees growing along the edge of the C&O Canal's towpath. It's most easily identified by its fruit. As you can see here, these are still in their very early stages of development. They'll grow much larger, of course, about the size pears. My neighbor who grows them in his garden tells me they'll ripen by September and that they taste a little like a mango.


  1. ...and paw paw to you too

  2. Looks like an interesting one. Do you know that when you comment on biebs or mine blog your comment appears always twice.

    1. No, s.c. But I notice that happens in one or two cases on my blog, too. I'll check and see if there's anything in my settings that could be causing it.

  3. Excelente fotografia e pormenor.
    Um abraço e bom Domingo.

  4. We don't have them here! Like Mango!!

  5. Great to see fruit growing ...

    All the best Jan


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