Monday, August 8, 2016

Whalehead Club

Arrived at the Whalehead Club yesterday afternoon and spent a couple of hours rocking on those chairs you can just barely see on the veranda while looking out over the Currituck Sound. Amazing how sleepy you can feel rocking away in a warm summer breeze. :-)

The little slice of the pond in front of the club as well as just a soupçon of the Currituck Sound beyond. BTW, can you see the sound and that North Carolina sky in the club's window?


  1. I always like those rocking chairs on a veranda. So typical American.

  2. ...a sleepy day now and then is a good thing!

  3. A perfect spot to while away a summer day!

  4. That´s why I have a swing in the living room :-)

  5. Looks a great place to sit a while ...

    All the best Jan


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