Monday, August 29, 2016


Graf Zeppelin Monument
Constance, Germany

"On 2 July 1900, Zeppelin made the first flight with the LZ 1 over Lake Constance near Friedrichshafen in southern Germany. The airship rose from the ground and remained in the air for 20 minutes, but was damaged on landing. After repairs and some modifications two further flights were made by LZ 1 in October 1900, However the airship was not considered successful enough to justify investment by the government, and since the experiments had exhausted Count Zeppelins funds, he was forced to suspend his work." ~ Wikipedia


  1. such a great statue. I thought, at first, Graf Zeppelin was someone's name - (wouldn't that be a terrific name?? - especially if it was the name for a super hero looking person - like this statue guy.) Isn't it weird that we just did the same thing with a new zeppelin? okay, i found "German Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin" - whose name was used for the first craft . . Maybe the creators of Airlander 10 - should have contacted you - to learn about zeppelins Before releasing their craft . . certainly there's a teeny trend here . . . hmmmm.


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