Sunday, October 9, 2016


I've cycled by this high rise several times now. And, yes, I've seriously considered living in a condo many times and each time decided against it. Here's a list of things I've thought about.

Condo association rules: I don't mind rules, but there are rules and there are rules. Sometimes how HOAs (homeowner associations) apply their rules strike me as teetering on the totalitarian.

The condo community: I do like community, but--uhm--maybe not so much.

The high-rise lifestyle: I REALLY like the outdoors.

Yards and landscaping: Too much outdoors. This is the one really good reason I could think of to choose the condominium lifestyle. :-)


  1. You have given it really a thought.

  2. I have friends who live in condos and are constantly fighting their HOA over little stuff. Not fun IMHO.

  3. i'd never survive condo living. i made it a year in a downstairs apartment once. yuck. and i love mowing lawn. :)

  4. Luckily there aren´t such rules here, other than you have to announce a party and keep noise down after 10pm otherwise.
    But.... we lived under the neighbours out of hell for several years and if it was an apartment we would´ve moved.
    A condo, well. Never again. Luckily now we have quiet neighbours. For now... it´s an apartment above.

  5. I have to admit RR the thought is tempting at times, my garden is huge and it's an ongoing project. Sometimes I think it would be nice to sit and read the paper more often ­čśŐ but then again it's my own space and it keeps me fit ­čśÇ

  6. And the monthly HOA fees can be out of control - at least out of your control!

  7. Reading between the lines I think you know what to do..

  8. The idea of HOA rules and condo fees would probably be the deal breaker for me.


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