Sunday, November 20, 2016


Having read about the National Policy Institute (an alt-right, white nationalist think tank) luncheon in the Ronald Reagan Building and that a demonstration was being organized to protest it, I hopped aboard the Metro and headed downtown. I wanted to experience firsthand what the mood was like among people around places like the Department of Justice, the Capitol, the FBI as well as, of course, the Trump Hotel and Ronald Reagan Building. I arrived at the latter just when the police arrived and the organizers were laying out the ground rules for the protest.

Security was handled by the Department of Homeland Security's Federal Protective Service in coordination with the D.C. police.

The Federal Protective Service police were going over their notes before the protest.


  1. It is all well organized I see. There are rules for everything.

  2. Rules and guidelines for everything all in the hope that there is no violence.

  3. You are surely in for some rough times.

  4. ...they will be busy the next four years!

  5. Tom and S.C. said what I was thinking. The next four years are going to be rough ones.

  6. It is to emphasize the beautiful distortions of the reflections, in the crystal

    1. I'm glad you noticed that. I did, too, especially after I loaded these images onto my computer and began to see them in detail.

  7. You got some good pictures here ...

    All the best Jan

  8. Good photos. I'm afraid I'm still in mourning over the results of this election and I don't know when I'll come out of it. There have been several protests here in front of our state capitol building, but not nearly as organized as this. Your header photo is great.


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