Sunday, December 4, 2016

Profiles in Protest VIII

UPDATE: Interesting tidbit of information I found: "HispanTV is a Spanish language news channel operated by IRIB, Iran's state-owned public broadcasting corporation. It began broadcasting in December 2011." 

And this: "The primary goal of HispanTV is to provide a complete platform of multimedia services to the Spanish speaking peoples of Latin America, Latin-American citizens of Iranian origin, Hispanic and Latino Americans of the United States, Muslim minorities of the Hispanophone world, and Spanish-speaking foreign residents in Iran, offering an opportunity for cultural exchange through television and web broadcasts."


  1. It are very nice candid portraits but have you done the whole party or only people you know.

    1. I actually didn't know anyone in this crowd. There were estimates of as many as 250 or more demonstrators. So I turned my lens on people who seemed the most engaged and also those who I could actually see through the throng of others.

  2. There is such concern on his face.

  3. I really wonder what the future will look like.

  4. A curious combination- Iranian ownership of a Spanish speaking channel.

  5. A nice candid photo. I wonder what he is telling the interviewer.


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