Sunday, January 15, 2017

3000 Series

Crummy day yesterday with morning temps hovering only about a degree or more above freezing. What to do? Why not a trial run downtown to prepare for next Saturday's March on Washington? So I headed back down to the Metro station.

Rode in another 3000 series car:

"Beginning in 2005, a number of 3000-series cars that had not yet undergone rehabilitation were modified as part of a pilot program to study passenger movements to improve the seating arrangement for future rail cars. Sixteen cars received a new seating arrangement that included modified handholds and seat positions, including some longitudinal seating. These cars, as well as other cars being used as control cars in the experiment, received on-board cameras in order for planners to observe passenger movements." ~ Wikipedia


  1. Nice capture. The cars look good on the outside.

    1. The 3000-series is starting to look a little aged now, at least on the inside. Still, they do the job and have been overhauled at least a couple of times since they were first introduced in 1987.

  2. Yes everything must be studied.

  3. The metro cars improve more and more here, first we had two seats in a row behind each other, but we have the London and Paris variation with long benches along the sides, which is much more comfortable and practical.

  4. It's good to know they put so much thought into passenger comfort and safety RR.

  5. It's been ages since I have been on a metro car.

  6. These are longer than the current LRT trains we see here.

  7. In the inclement weather, it is a good way to get travel

  8. I like this, it's a nice way too travel in the city. Glad they're interested in passenger comfort, not many would care.

  9. I don't get to travel by train a lot these days ... but it is usually a good way to travel.
    I like your photo.

    All the best Jan


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