Friday, January 20, 2017


CNN's Inauguration headquarters atop the United Brotherhood of Carpenters building in Washington, D.C. at 101 Constitution Avenue.

It was the most amazing dust-up between an incoming president and a member of the press that I can ever remember. So I was amused this past weekend to see that CNN had what is arguably THE best location in Washington, D.C. from which to cover today's inauguration. For you who may have missed it, I dug it up from an article that appeared in the Washington Post dated January 11:

TRUMP: As far as BuzzFeed, which is a failing pile of garbage, writing it, I think they're going to suffer the consequences. They already are. And as far as CNN going out of their way to build it up — and by the way, we just found out [as] I was coming down ... it was a different Michael Cohen they were talking about. All night long, it's Michael Cohen. I said I want to see your passport. He brings his passport to my office. I say, hey, wait a minute. He didn't leave the country. He wasn't out of the country. They had Michael Cohen of the Trump Organization was in Prague. It turned out to be a different Michael Cohen. It's a disgrace what took place. It's a disgrace, and I think they out to apologize, to start with, [to] Michael Cohen.

ACOSTA: Sir, since you're attacking us, can you give us a question?

TRUMP: (To another reporter) Go ahead.

ACOSTA: Since you're ...


ACOSTA: Mr. President-elect ...

TRUMP: No. Go ahead. Go ahead.

ACOSTA: Mr. President-elect, since you are attacking our news organization ...

TRUMP: No, not you. Not you.

ACOSTA: ... can you give us a chance?

TRUMP: Your organization is terrible. Your organization is terrible.

ACOSTA: You are attacking our news organization. Can you give us a chance to ask a question, sir?

TRUMP: Go ahead.

ACOSTA: Sir ...

TRUMP: Quiet. Quiet.

ACOSTA: Mr. President-elect, can you say categorically ...

TRUMP: Go ahead. She's asking a question. Don't be rude.

ACOSTA: Mr. President-elect, can you give us a question? You're attacking us. Can you give us a question.

TRUMP: Don't. Be. Rude. No, I'm not going to give you a question. I'm not going to give you a question. You are fake news.

Acosta's final remark was that Trump's refusal to call on him was "not appropriate." Afterward, incoming White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer reportedly told Acosta that he was not appropriate.

UPDATE: Just got back from cycling into D.C. One visitor from out of town asked me if it's always this quiet during an Inauguration. Unbelievable! I was expecting the Deplorables to be out dancing in the streets rejoicing. Instead, it looked and felt like a wake. I especially enjoyed the guy on a bike in front of me on Four Mile Run heading out of town with a Hillary bumper sticker on his rear fender. :-) REMEMBER: WE MARCH ON WASHINGTON TOMORROW!


  1. The next four years Trump will be a bonanza for the news outlets.

  2. Well what to say, it is a big child playing for president....

  3. Your really in for some rough times.

  4. Disgusting man. A n article headline in the Toronto paper this morning says "the real life Archie Bunker is being sworn in as President".

  5. Oh I can see the press are going to have a field day with him.. if he doesn't throw them in irons 😊 He's such a joke, unfortunately not a funny one!

  6. I'm trying to avoid any news today.

    1. Same here, RedPat. I did, however, just come back from cycling into D.C. You wouldn't believe how somber the place seemed! Nothing like when Obama took the oath.

  7. The guy is literally incapable of finishing a sentence without rambling off in another direction. I've been avoiding the news, but saw him on television while walking through a public area. Felt a wave of revulsion.

  8. He makes me sick, the man child punk.

  9. That was the last I saw of him in the original. That man is a freak. "Don't be rude." from someone who... "No not you", like a 3y-o! How could that happen...


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