Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Rise Up!

Shot these images with a mind to showing how the area around Independence and 4th began to fill up, with people finally resorting to climbing the structures associated with surrounding buildings, cars, trucks and trees. 

Very soon there were people even taking to sitting on top of--uhm--port-a-potties. Or should we call them port-a-views? :-)

UpdateSally Quillian Yates, the now former acting Attorney General of the United States, is a true American hero and a martyr for American democracy. I'm so very proud of her and those in the State Department who resigned instead of serving under Trump's appointee, Rex Tillerson. 


  1. Yes, she sure made a sacrifice and statement there!

  2. History will see Ms. Yates as a hero for standing up to tyranny. The same applies to those who refused to serve with Tillerson. Trump and company will be damned for all time.

  3. It sure makes a difference when thousands stand together and shout at the indifference. Excellent images RR!

    1. Thank you, Bill. I hope I'm not wearing people out with them. I'm all for the cause, of course, but I'm also very interested in the challenge photographing such a large event presented to me.

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks, o. You're very gracious, especially considering your own fantastic photography.

  5. Fantásticas estas fotografias da manifestação.
    Um abraço e bom Fevereiro.
    Andarilhar || Dedais de Francisco e Idalisa || Livros-Autografados


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