Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Rock Tassel Fern

An Australian Rock Tassel Fern at the U. S. Botanic Garden.

"This ephiphyte (growing on trees) Australian native is closely related to ancient plants and is probably on a list of those protected. The tassels are stems covered with pale green leaves. As the tassels grow, they cascade making this a wonderful hanging basket choice. Damage occurs when plants are exposed to temperatures below 30 degrees F." ~ Online Plant Guide


  1. We certainly have some strange flora and fauna in Australia RR. Almost looks like it's swaying under water!

  2. Does it feel as soft as it looks?

    1. I agree, they look kind of feathery. But I was good and observed the Garden's no-touch policy. :-)

  3. It does look very soft and pretty.

  4. There are so many different plants around.
    This looks great

    All the best Jan


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