Saturday, February 11, 2017


I'm feeling the need to take a short break from politics and to return to the U. S. Botanic Garden even though I shot some pictures of the march against Trump's immigration ban just two weeks after the inauguration. I'll maybe get to those in a few days. But for now, some of you may remember that I had paid a return visit to the Garden after the holidays were over. 

What I didn't get a chance to share with you before the Women's March was this wonderful moment when a staff member at the Garden introduced this young girl to the cacao tree and how chocolate is made.


  1. Nice shots and not many people have seen where the chocolate is coming from. Nice.

  2. Lovely pictures, the world is full of miracles for a child.

  3. I'm sure she will keep to remember this as well.
    Nice shots.

  4. Lovely moment captured here RR.. the magic of chocolate ☺

  5. Awww, her nose is all red - from the cold or excitement over chocolate?

    1. Just hope it wasn't the result of a chocolate allergy. :-)

  6. ...wonder in the eye of a child.

  7. Nice photo! That is a very special moment for her, hope she remembers it.

  8. I've never seen a cacao bean either. I have to admit, that chocolate is one of my favourite tastes.... especially dark chocolate. Milk chocolate is OK but I prefer dark. I love that young lady's hat. It's a match to my b&w stripey gloves!

  9. I'm sure that was an interesting moment. I'd like to learn exactly how chocolate is made!

  10. Oh this is lovely, such a sweet picture.
    I can remember you wrote about this is one of your comments on the low carb diabetic blog.
    Cacao is great, we like the 85% dark chocolate...
    A square with a cup of coffee is delicious!

    All the best Jan


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