Sunday, February 12, 2017

Regatta at Cowes

Photo bombed at the National Gallery of Art (above). Raoul Dufy's "Regatta at Cowes", 1934, oil on linen.

An unobstructed view of "Regatta at Cowes".

"Raoul Dufy was a French Fauvist painter, brother of Jean Dufy. He developed a colorful, decorative style that became fashionable for designs of ceramics and textiles, as well as decorative schemes for public buildings." ~ Wikipedia


  1. Nice one but I must admit that I like the photo bombed one better. More action.

  2. Pretty painting and pretty watcher too.

  3. Do love the photo as well as the one with the woman inspecting the art.
    GDP (your neighbor to the south)

  4. Always good to see someone appreciating fine art RR ­čśŐ

  5. I've been to Cowes (on the Isle of Wight) a couple of times when I was growing up in England, but never made it to the regatta. I like this painting, lots going on, which is exactly like the Cowes regatta, boats everywhere!

  6. Cowes Week on the Isle of Wight can be a great experience ...
    I like the colour in these

    All the best Jan

  7. It's beautiful! I do like all those colors.

  8. Very colourful and beautiful. Someone else admires it too :)


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