Friday, February 24, 2017

The Dungeon

Chillon Castle, Switzerland

Lake Leman lies by Chillon's walls: 
A thousand feet in depth below 
Its massy waters meet and flow; 
Thus much the fathom-line was sent 
From Chillon's snow-white battlement, 
Which round about the wave inthralls: 
A double dungeon wall and wave 
Have made—and like a living grave 
Below the surface of the lake 
The dark vault lies wherein we lay: 
We heard it ripple night and day; 
Sounding o'er our heads it knock'd; 
And I have felt the winter's spray 
Wash through the bars when winds were high 
And wanton in the happy sky; 
And then the very rock hath rock'd, 
And I have felt it shake, unshock'd, 
Because I could have smiled to see 
The death that would have set me free.
~ Lord Byron


  1. Interesting to read Lord Byron's words, thanks for including them with the two photographs.

    All the best Jan

  2. I wasn't familiar with that poem. Beautiful shots!


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