Saturday, March 11, 2017

Number 1, 1950

"Number One, 1950 (Lavender Mist) embodies the artistic breakthrough Pollock reached between 1947 and 1950. It was painted in an old barn-turned-studio next to a small house on the East End of Long Island, where Pollock lived and worked from 1945 on. The property led directly to Accabonac Creek, where eelgrass marshes and gorgeous, watery light were a source of inspiration for him. 

Pollock's method was based on his earlier experiments with dripping and splattering paint on ceramic, glass, and canvas on an easel. Now, he laid a large canvas on the floor of his studio barn, nearly covering the space. Using house paint, he dripped, poured, and flung pigment from loaded brushes and sticks while walking around it. He said that this was his way of being "in" his work, acting as a medium in the creative process. For Pollock, who admired the sand painting of the American Indians, summoning webs of color to his canvases and making them balanced, complete, and lyrical, was almost an act of ritual. Like an ancient cave painter, he 'signed' Lavender Mist in the upper left corner and at the top of the canvas with his handprints." ~


  1. I'd like to know how big this piece is.
    Interesting method of creating art.... if I tried flinging paint I'm sure I'd just make a horrible mess that i'd have to clean up afterwards.

  2. Guess he had loads of fun doing this. Wants one to give it a try, no?

  3. I do like the mix of colour - Lavender Mist is a great title.

    Good wishes for the weekend

    All the best Jan

  4. I also find myself thinking of marble.

    I've got to photograph the Pollock we've got here- it's done on glass.

  5. I could gladly live with that one!

  6. I've always loved his style RR.. good to see this one.


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