Monday, March 13, 2017


So I can see you were not all equally enamored with the Joan Mitchell abstract painting I shared yesterday. So here's a couple of different ways of looking at the same Gene Davis painting. Seems like ages ago when I went to see the Davis exhibit at the American Art Musuem, but it really was only a few months ago.

It's the same painting only viewed from different angles and focal lengths. And, yes, this actually did begin to mess with my eyeballs a bit. 8-)


  1. I can not look long at this painting, it starts to move and makes me dizzy!

  2. I like these coloured stripes but it reminds me of fabric used for summer deck chairs on a beach. Interesting that the colours tend to change depending what colour they are next to.

  3. Oh no RR, I draw the line at this 😀

  4. ditto Tom March ". . . popcorn?"

  5. Los colores so alegres y llamativos

  6. Yes, stating the obvious!
    But it's very, very colourful.

    All the best Jan


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