Wednesday, April 5, 2017


An unknown flower of even more questionable origin in my backyard.


  1. ...looks like a hyacinth to me.

    1. Would make sense, given the propensities of the squirrels in my neighborhood and that my neighbor has several varieties of hyacinths.

  2. I agree with Tom, it does look like a most beautiful pink hyacinth.

    All the best Jan

  3. Beautiful! Looks like rainy weather, bringing on the richness in color.

  4. Looks like a hyacinth and they smell heavenly

  5. Never mind which name.. :). It's still very beautiful.

  6. Wow, that is a beautiful flower. How nice it decided to bloom in your yard.

  7. I vote for hyacinth too! Pretty!

  8. I also believe that it is a hyacinth.

    If you want to know his legend, here you have it.

    Legend has it that Jacinto was a Laconia hero, son of Amiclas and Diomedes, and that his beauty made the god Apollo fall in love with him. One day the two lovers were playing to release the album and Apollo wanted to show off before Jacinto throwing him with all his strength, while Jacinto did not want to stay behind tried to take it and the album struck him dead in the temple. Apollo, seeing that he could neither cure nor restore his life, granted him immortality by transforming him into the flower called Jacinto.

    Since then, this flower is given to represent the affection, although according to the version of Ovid, the tears of Apollo fell on the petals of the flower and turned it into a sign of mourning.

  9. It is beautiful. So delicate.


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