Saturday, July 15, 2017


The floral centerpiece in the lobby of my hotel. What I noticed is that every one of the blooms could also be found growing in people's home gardens. Made me wonder if that's where they came from. I should have asked someone at the front desk.


  1. People love to plant all kind flowers in their gardens, that is not so unusual.

  2. Made by a professional. Very pretty.

  3. ...perhaps they are stolen from people's gardens.

    1. I just wonder if there isn't some kind of "arrangement" between the person who creates these centerpieces and the neighbors who grow the flowers. If so, that's pretty neat.

  4. I was wondering if they were pilfered at dead of night, like Tom!
    I love to see flowers in the lobby of hotels. When I was in Prague a couple of years ago there were the most beautiful flower arrangements I have ever seen in the lobby of a very posh hotel. Needless to say, we weren't staying there, just trespassing looking for the loo.

  5. That is a great question, maybe, either way it is beautiful and so large!


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