Saturday, July 1, 2017


"There is an abundance of wildlife in Lough Corrib including birds and hawks, otters, mink, stoat, frogs, bats and much more. The dawn chorus in early spring is spectacular to listen to. Lough Corrib can be divided into two parts: a smaller shallower basin to the south and a larger deeper basin to the north. These two parts are connected by a narrow channel. In the southern and eastern parts of the lake, the lake bed is dominated by limestone bedrock covered by deposits of precipitated marl. The surrounding land is mostly pastoral farmland to the south and east and bog to the west and north. In addition to the lake basis, some areas of scientific interest adjoining the lake, e.g. woodland, callows grassland and raised bog, have been incorporated into the Special Area of Conservation" (Wikipedia).

Carolyn's Dream, as arranged and played by Mark Harmer on Celtic harp


  1. There's lots of movements in these photos. Nice.

  2. Wonderful captures RR.. it amazes me how they can swoop so close to the water but I guess if you want to catch your dinner this is the way to do it. It's good to hear that this area is a 'Special Area of Conservation'.

  3. Oh to be able to float through the air like that!

  4. Maravillossa view of the bird in flight flying over the beautiful lake


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