Monday, August 7, 2017


Head Gardener's House
Kylemore Abbey and Victorian Walled Garden

Without a doubt, my favorite thing about Ireland is its tea. Here in the United States, we're a coffee culture. Everywhere you go, you can find coffee. Shoot! We even hand some of it out free. But just try to find a decent cup of brewed tea and you're usually out of luck. 

Something else I discovered at Kylemore Abbey was chocolate . . . in tea. Turns out the nuns make a bar chocolate that's just--dare I say it--"heavenly" dipped in a cuppa Irish brew.


  1. Nice set even with toast holders. The only thing I don't like of English and Irish tea is the milk they put in it brrrrr.

  2. I like that tea service. I've never seen one like that. Are those things on the right for holding your toast?

  3. Chocolate in tea?! Never heard of that. I do know chocolate-flavored tea, though.
    It´s a bit confusing to me that the pot is as large as the cup...

  4. Tanto en Inglaterra como en Irlanda, lo más propio es tomar té.

    Bonito juego de té.


  5. Nice tea set! You are right about American tea!

  6. We have some chocolate tea and it is one of my favorites. Nice tea set.

  7. Yes! Pour me some too! But I still enjoy my coffee too!

  8. You just can't beat a good cup of tea ... especially first thing in the morning!

    All the best Jan


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